VOYAGR is a new startup leveraging the best of CleanTech, Design, and Sound Technology for the pleasure of your ears… And the planet! We combine daring eco-friendly materials, exclusive design, and next-generation sound technology, to create the premium yet sustainable sound products of tomorrow. 

We are a team of like-minded people from around the world, determined to bring our vision to life. We come from different countries, cities, horizons, and have different professional backgrounds and life experiences. A passion to create the best product experience unites us. We believe in a holistic approach that cares about more than just profit and expansion. We are convinced our good karma approach is a game-changer. We are VOYAGR.

Our products aim to empower our customers, society, and our ecosystem altogether.

Conceiving sustainable and premium audio products for eco-conscious people.

Well, somebody has to do it! We see concrete changes in our climate and our habitat all the time. So we built the whole fundament of our enterprise around that idea. Maybe this is our idea of “saving the world”!

Hard to pronounce, right?  But hey, it is VOYAGR, as in voyager. A voyager is a traveler, an explorer. It also was the name of the space probes launched by NASA in 1977, Voyager 1 and 2, destined to study the outer space beyond the Solar System.

We are a brand for the Explorers and the Darers, for the Travelers and the Nomads. For all Pioneers, all those willing to make a difference. We wanted our name to transmit this. Think we nailed it, don’t you?

Our first product is the VOYAGR wireless Bluetooth® headphones. We are talking about a different breed of headphones that combines innovating and sustainable materials, a custom-tailored fashionable and ergonomic design, and high-end sound engineering.

As you may have noticed in our showroom, we have a handcrafted selection of color combinations, each with their unique DNA. 

We had different influences and inspirations:

> The nordic weather inspired us with the chromes that our headphones embark. 

> That Hygge feeling one finds in the coziness of winter encouraged us to explore contrasting soothing, warm tones. 

> Japan inspired us with that elegant minimalistic vibe, so we de-cluttered our VOYAGR headphones to the maximum and we opted for a full touch control interface instead of buttons. Because less is more.

> There is more to the story, but hey, we don’t want to reveal it all at once 😉